Our Passion: Matching Athletes & College Coaches

We are former college student athletes, who got recruited to play college sports.
Our passion turned into a mission: Facilitating the recruiting process for all parties involved.

  • Developed by athletes
  • Recruiting tools at your fingertips
  • Easy to customize for organizations
  • Fully responsive on any device

"Committing to a college program is a life-changing event & deserves tools, which reflect the significance of it."
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Shaping Your Future

At College Pipe (formerly known as Smarthlete), we believe there is a better way to do recruiting. We're passionate about creating the perfect match between athlete and coach – a rewarding objective to run after, knowing what a good match can do to a team's success and an athlete's future!


We focus on breaking down the recruiting process, making it easier to navigate from start to end.

Right Fit

We simplify the recruiting process for all parties involved through our tools, matching algorithm & integrations with other software.


We pride ourselves in working closely with our partners and customers, developing innovative features and tools.

Take the Guesswork out of Your Recruiting Process

The goal with College Pipe: Building a recruiting platform, which has something in store for truly each and every stakeholder. We developed exactly that.

Dominic Tinodi
Dominic Tinodi
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Yannick Weihs
Leona Brenke
Leona Brenke
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Leonie Schmidt
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Yurii Moskaliuk
Front-End Developer
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The guys at College Pipe make the process a lot easier and enjoyable and you can identify opportunities that you may never find by yourself.

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