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Get a Grip on how Your Athletes get Recruited

Does your organization care about which college programs, your athletes end up playing? Are you a true stepping stone for future college athletes?
Imagine a tool, which enables you to monitor & streamline your college recruiting guidance.

100% of U.S. college sports teams covered.

It truly is a specifically developed operating system for recruiting businesses, which merges several tools into one.

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Why Club Teams use our Platform

UX/UI White-Label

Decide on look and feel of your client portal, 100% your club branding. Control user rights.

Dedicated Support Team

At your service, every day. We onboard your organization & support with set-up and optimization.


We continuously develop new features. And we listen to input: from our customers.

College Recruiting Data

Athletic & academic data for your work with athletes. Updated coach contact details.

How it works

Your Athletes' Search for Scholarships Simplified


Set up your teams & start onboarding athletes

Import all your current athletes, give them first-time access and have them start building their recruiting profiles.

  • Upload multiple videos
  • Athletic & academics stats
  • Sharable profiles
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Enhance your student athletes' experience

Assign a person in charge of advising athletes within your organization. Decide on features & user rights to map out the level of involvement. Always full access to:







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Hold athletes accountable

Set up your messaging templates & recruiting modules. Keep an overview on how athletes are progressing.

  • E-Mail Integration

    Messages sent from personal email domain - adjustable subject line
  • Tracking

    Email open rates, as well as profile views displayed
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Take Your Digital Club Set-up to the Next Level

Discover how processing your athletes through College Pipe puts yourself in the position to have an even greater impact.

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Your All-In-One Solution to Build Seamless Business Processes

Hands-on? Having a designated college advisor on your team. Hands-off? Empower athletes, but maintain the ability to keep everything in check.
Your track record of successful graduates is your future base for success.
Have athletes add all the athletic stats, but also academic background. Share across messaging channels & add to outgoing email to coaches.
No matter if you have a conversation with college coaches, offering them your take on athletes or if athletes are reaching out on their very own - rely on messaging templates, full list of coaches & continuously updated contact details.
Monitor profile completion rates, outreach to coaches, profile views. Ensure athletes put in the groundwork required to get recruited.

You Have Questions - We Have Answers

Our monthly pricing plans are dependent on the number of athletes you work with, as well as the size of your organization. The lowest plan per month is 10 USD / athlete.
No, this is a monthly subscription model, which you are free to cancel at any time. Many of our customers commit long-term, as soon as they are comfortable and able to understand what a time-saver College Pipe is to their work.
College Pipe is your lean CRM system, providing you and your clients with digital tools specifically designed for the challenges of getting recruited to play.
Yes, recruiting modules and messaging templates are available, which you can either tap into or set up completely from scratch. Both serve the same purpose: set up a standard pool to choose from and save on time. Adjust templates as needed to fit individual cases.
Unlike other software providers, we never have and we never will, because nobody knows your athletes better than you and your staff. The athletes you set up are "your athletes".
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