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Our powerful platform is designed to transform the way you work with your clients (athletes), looking to get recruited.

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College Pipe - Recruiting Services

Get Your Recruiting Business Ready for Future Growth

Think all of your tools, integrated in one platform. Better experience for your team - better experience for your athletes. Whitelabel solutions available.

100% of U.S. college sports teams covered.

It truly is a specifically developed operating system for recruiting businesses, which merges several tools into one.

Martin Moser
College Counselor

Recruiting Service

Why Recruiting Services use our Platform

UX/UI White-Label

Decide on look and feel of your client portal, 100% your company branding. Control user rights.

Dedicated Support Team

At your service, every day. We onboard your organization & support with set-up and optimization.


We continuously develop new features. And we listen to input: from our customers.

College Recruiting Data

Athletic & academic data for your work with athletes. Updated coach contact details.

How it works

Solutions for the Challenges of Working With Athletes & Coaches


Set up your organization & start building recruiting profiles

Manage your employees and all the recruiting profiles, including committed and uncommitted athletes in one place.

  • Upload multiple videos
  • Athletic & academic stats
  • Sharable profiles
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Enhance your student athletes' experience

Decide on features and user rights to map out your recruiting business. Get athletes involved, in line with your ways of working:







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Consolidate the tools you currently use

Explore all the features of College Pipe. Set up your messaging templates, outreach strategy, task management & software integration opportunities.

  • Integration

    Integrate your email domain or CRM system
  • Tracking

    See email open rate, as well as profile views
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Take Your Recruiting Business to the Next Level

Explore the features and possibilities and discover how moving your business to College Pipe puts your organization in the position for future growth.

Enhance your productivity

All-In-One Software to Manage and Place Your Athletes

Set up tasks or recruiting modules. Allow clients to work on due tasks (deadlines), recruiting profile & university list.
Use for external (athletes) and internal (team members) purposes. Keep an overview of past, current and future tasks.
Take advantage of our university database to find a school for your clients. Have athletes access a complete profile of each university, including admissions stats, sports information & videos.
Structure your email outreach efficiently - from your own email domain. Select recipient(s), subject line, signature - track results.
Your company name is visible to athletes and college coaches. Zero co-branding with College Pipe.

You Have Questions - We Have Answers

Our monthly pricing plans are dependent on the number of athletes you work with, as well as the size of your organization. The lowest plan per month is 10 USD / athlete.
No, this is a monthly subscription model, which you are free to cancel at any time. Many of our customers commit long-term, as soon as they are comfortable and able to understand what a time-saver College Pipe is to their work.
College Pipe can be best described as a full operating system for recruiting services’ daily work, considering several tools are consolidated and integrated.
Yes, we have both task templates and messaging templates available. Both serve the same purpose: set up a standard pool to choose from and save on time. Adjust templates as needed to fit individual cases.
While we cannot offer an IT service like this for free, you don't have to use the White-Labeling option to get started with College Pipe. It’s our job to demonstrate, why you want to use it over time, as it has multiple advantages, not only with athletes, but also with college coaches.
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