Integration with Microsoft 365 Email Services

College Pipe integrates with Microsoft 365 email services to facilitate direct email communication between our users and college coaches. This integration is designed to allow users to send emails through College Pipe using their own Microsoft 365 email accounts.

How We Access and Use Microsoft Email Data

  • Access to Data: Our application accesses only the email component of your Microsoft 365 account. This access occurs strictly with your explicit consent and is limited to functionalities necessary for sending emails.

  • Use of Data: The Microsoft email data accessed by College Pipe is used solely for enabling you to compose and send emails from your Microsoft 365 account through our platform. This integration aims to streamline communication while maintaining the use of your personal or professional email address.

  • Data Storage: Email addresses and the content of emails sent through our platform are stored securely. We retain this data only as long as necessary to provide our email-related services to you, following our overall data retention policy.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

  • Data Sharing: We do not share your Microsoft email data with third parties, except as required to facilitate the email service or as mandated by law.

  • Data Disclosure: We may disclose your Microsoft email data if required by legal obligations, such as subpoenas or other legal processes.

Data Security

  • We employ robust security measures to protect your Microsoft email data from unauthorized access or misuse.

  • Our security protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the safety of your data.

Changes to Our Use of Microsoft Email Data

  • We will notify you of any changes in our practices regarding the access, use, storage, or sharing of your Microsoft email data.

Your Control over Your Data

  • You maintain control over your Microsoft email data. You can revoke our access to your Microsoft email data at any time through your Microsoft 365 account settings.

Additional Provisions

  • The broader terms of our Privacy Policy, including our commitment to protecting your personal data, also apply to the Microsoft email data we handle.