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Help Your Athletes Beyond Making Them Stronger Athletes

Your everyday impact on the athlete together with College Pipe's powerful recruiting tools equals the best set-up to get recruited.

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College Pipe - High School

Stay on Your Athletes' Sideline

You care about which college programs, your athletes end up playing? Imagine a tool, which allows you to work hands-on with your athletes to navigate them through the recruiting process.

100% of U.S. college sports teams covered.

It truly is a specifically developed operating system for recruiting businesses, which merges several tools into one.

Martin Moser
College Counselor

Recruiting Service

Why use College Pipe as High School Coach

Unlimited Video Storage

Embed from Hudl, Vimeo or Youtube. Have athletes upload as many videos as necessary.

Dedicated Support Team

At your service, every day. We onboard your organization & support with set-up and optimization.


We continuously develop new features. And we listen to input: from our customers.

College Recruiting Data

Athletic & academic data for your work with athletes. Updated coach contact details.

How it works

Your Athletes' Search for Scholarship Offers Made Easier


Grant your athletes access within 3 minutes

Give your athletes first-time access and have them start building their recruiting profiles.

  • Upload multiple videos
  • Athletic & academic stats
  • Sharable profiles
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College Pipe - Athlete access
College Pipe - Athletes access

Collaborate with students

Give your athletes access to their accounts. Chip in & support as needed.
Optimize profiles & outreach.







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Hold athletes accountable

Set up messaging templates & recruiting modules. Keep an overview on how athletes are progressing.

  • E-Mail Integration

    Messages sent from athlete's personal email domain.
  • Tracking

    Email open rates, as well as profile views displayed.
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College Pipe - Collaborate with athlete

Keep Building Your Reputation as a Coach

Aiding your athletes via College Pipe is smooth, efficient & ensures a long-term impact for your athletes.

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College Pipe - High School

Robust Tools for you - Embrace the Advisor Role

Rather than getting the same question 10 times, set up your streamlined ways of working to keep track on how your kids are doing. Set up recruiting modules or tasks (deadlines), overlook profiles and progress made.
Your track record of successful graduates is a puzzle piece of your personal career in the coaching field.
Pool together your class of 20XX and send out to college coaches in your network easily.
No matter if you have a conversation with college coaches, offering them your take on athletes or if athletes are reaching out on their very own - rely on messaging templates, full list of coaches & continuously updated contact details.
Monitor profile completion rates, outreach to coaches, profile views. Ensure athletes put in the groundwork required to get recruited.

You Have Questions - We Have Answers

We look at every high school coach inquiry on a case-by-case basis. Please email to discuss your specific situation.
We agree: the network you have built up takes you a long way. This will not change, but your network is your network and nothing athletes can rely on or tap into day-in, day-out. College Pipe allows you to merge your knowledge with smart solutions, athletes can use independently and proactively.
College Pipe provides you and your athletes with digital tools specifically designed for the challenges of getting recruited to play.
We take our reputation very seriously and our mission is to serve all parties involved.
Unlike competition, we never have and we never will, because nobody knows your athletes better than you. The athletes you set up are "your athletes".
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