College Athletic Program Changes - Winter 2024

 College Athletic Program Changes - Winter 2024

Navigating  College Athletics with Smarthlete

At Smarthlete, we not only connect student-athletes with their dream colleges, we also provide a dynamic, up-to-date database for recruiting agencies, academies/clubs and college showcase organizers to explore opportunities in the college sports landscape. Whether you're looking to sign up or get a free evaluation as an athlete, or schedule a demo as an organization working with athletes, we're your go-to-partner in the vast sea of college athletics.

Updated Database With Recent Developments

Our dedication to maintaining a comprehensive database has led to some updates in recent weeks. The "Find a University" feature within our platform now includes the following divisions:

  • California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA)
  • United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA)
  • Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC)
  • National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA)
This means nothing else than even more college programs than before, when you set out to find a school that fits to your college dreams.

Detailed Program Updates by Division

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Here's a preview of the recent updates we've implemented in our database, keeping it up-to-date with the evolving college landscape.

NCAA Schools (D-I, D-II, D-III):

  • Chicago State University (D-I) adds Triathlon (W) in Fall 2024
  • Saint Joseph's University (D-I) adds Golf (W) in Fall 2024 
  • ... and other D-I program updates

  • Dominican University New York (D-II) added Bowling (W) & Rowing (W) in Fall 2023
  • Edward Waters University (D-II) added Tennis (W) in Spring 2024
  • ... and other D-II program updates

  • Arcadia University (D-III) adds Wrestling (M&W) in Fall 2025
  • Averett University (D-III) adds Volleyball (M) in Fall 2024
  • ... and other D-III program updates

NAIA Schools:

  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) (NAIA) adds Basketball (M&W) in Fall 2024
  • Cottey College (NAIA) adds Bowling (W) in Fall 2024
  • ... and other NAIA program updates

NJCAA Schools:

  • Andrew College (NJCAA II) reinstates Cross Country (M&W) and adds Football, Golf (W) & Wrestling (M) in Fall 2024
  • Bismarck State College (NJCAA II) reinstates Wrestling (M) in Fall 2024
  • ... and other NJCAA program updates

Being aware of new program announcements may just give you that little extra edge, considering new coaches are in place and have an exciting job to accomplish in a short time frame: recruiting a lot of student athletes to build a program from scratch.

Explore our comprehensive college database, regularly updated with all divisions, conferences, programs, and coaching needs, providing you with a complete overview of the college sports landscape.
If you want more detailed insights on all programm updates, stay informed with our newsletter by signing up with Smarthlete, or booking a demo. At the end of the current season, we'll get down to work in order to provide you with all upcoming conference realignments!

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