How to Contact College Coaches to Successfully Get a Scholarship

How to Contact College Coaches to Successfully Get a Scholarship

1. Create a List

Before you start contacting coaches you need to create a list of colleges and programs that would best suit your athletic skills. When creating the list, make sure you evaluate your athletic skills critically though. You will not be successful in gaining a scholarship if your competitive level is not the same as the team's competitive level. Overestimating your skills can be very frustrating, since you might get rejected by one coach after another. To prevent such a scenario, do some research on the team's athletes and try to figure out their competitive level. Once you know which college programs you would fit in, sort out the one's that do not fit your personal interest. Make sure you consider factors such as size, location, type of college and academic standards.

2. Prioritize

Once you have a complete list of about 30 to 50 colleges, prioritize them. This is a highly important aspect, since there are many mistakes one can make when talking to college coaches. When prioritizing them, make sure you consider not only your preferences, but also the school's requirements. It will not make sense to put Harvard on top of your list just because you want to go there, if you do not meet the academic requirements.

3. Prepare Yourself

One of the things coaches are eager to see is your commitment and knowledge about their program, since it signals that you are seriously interested in the program. So make sure you prepare yourself extensively before talking to coaches. Know the university facts as well as their athletic record and achievements. It will leave a lasting impression and show that you are acting professionally in every aspect of your life.

4. Contact the Coaches

Now you are ready to contact coaches either by sending an e-mail or calling them. When you contact them, you should be aware of the fact that coaches are not only looking for the best athlete. They are mostly looking for prospects with a certain mentality, attitude and personality (we will get into this aspect in another article). When you start contacting coaches make sure you contact your least favorite college coach first, since there are many mistakes one can make. You will experience a steep learning curve in regards of what you should and what you shouldn't say. By the time you contact your favorite college, you will be confident in your ability to present yourself the right way due to your experience and a few potential offers you might have gotten from other colleges. This puts you in the best possible position to gain a scholarship at your preferred college.