College Tennis Videos

College Tennis Videos

Where Can I Find Collegiate Tennis?

We often find ourselves ending up in front of short video clips from various college matches between teams of different divisions and conferences. We do so because it reminds us of the same experience we have had even though we had them at different schools and conferences, as well as level of play.

But we're not the only group of tennis fans who might have an interest:

  • The general tennis fans
    The global fan base who is always on the lookout for some excellent tennis points or for discovering new talent.
  • The former college players
    Guys like us from Smarthlete who speak about their time at college as the best of their lives and who still stroll down memory lane.
  • The young "To-Be-Student-Athletes"
    The group of teenage tennis enthusiasts, tennis videos from college matches will be most interesting for. How come, you might wonder? A bit more on that further down in the article.

- 3 YouTube-Channels Worth Checking Out

YouTube is used as the #1 platform for some passionate users to upload videos from various dual matches:

  1. Channel "Bobby Knight" (the same author behind the great website College Tennis Today, covered in a previous blog article: UTR Applied in Match Box Scores
  2. Channel "KW Tennis Nation"
  3. Channel "Mike Lammens"
  4. Channel "Matt Lin"

Wanna get a taste of what kind of action you'll be able to watch on the above channels? Click here to watch a 5-minute clip of the clinching match between Pepperdine and Georgia. With a 5/4 score in the 3rd set, the atmosphere is absolutely stunning and the points played of outstanding quality. You"ll be hooked, that"s for sure...

Without doubt, there's probably more footage out there to be found, but these users have provided the most interesting and aggregated range of college tennis impressions. If you come across another really good channel, please send us the link!

- Tennis Team Pages

In addition to the above, many larger tennis programs offer videos of match highlights or interviews with players and coaches on their programs' websites. The larger tennis programs usually also feature short video clips of remarkable points or match highlights on their Facebook pages. Always a nice watch, and it may give you an idea of the popularity of tennis at the respective school and even the quality of play. The program coordinators and tennis coaches really do a lot to bring college tennis as close as possible to the endorsers and schools' fans. Go ahead and use it!

Why Watch?

We feel that the offered coverage online is of great value for one target group of particular: the above-mentioned "To-be-student-athletes" and those who are unsure whether college sports is the right choice or not.

Let's take a brief look why that is the case:

  • You're contemplating to go pro, but you're not convinced college tennis is your thing? Understand the quality of play and see for yourself.
  • Convince yourself of the competitiveness and the toughness of the athletes and feel what players like Sebastian Stiefelmeyer mean when they say:

    "You don't want to let down your teammates, you want to win at all costs, but still make it a fair competition. A lot of times, you want to win more for your team than for yourself. This is what adds to the pressure, because you don't want to be the guy who loses the deciding match, the clinching point."
    Stiefelmeyer (current ITA #6) in 5 Things I Love About College Tennis

  • Find your preferred team. You might be able to develop an initial interest or even preference for a particular school and tennis team, be it in the NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA.
  • Get an impression of the atmosphere at important matches. The support of the home crowd can be incredible and absolutely unmatched. Watch for yourself!

A little reminder...

...about the live streams, where you can follow the Mountain West Championships as well as the Big 12 Championships this weekend for free! Find the links to the matches in last week's blog.

Send us an e-mail in case you have any questions or comments! See you next week!