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“The software makes the management and placement of athletes easier.
Makes it a lot easier for us because we just organize our task management with our clients, which saves us a lot of time. Time means money.

  • Marcelo Acuna



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    Trusted by the most innovative and forward-looking organizations within college recruiting.


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    Trusted by thousands of global users
    • 4.5/5.0

    "College Pipe was a great part of my recruiting process. It has all the possibilities for the student athlete to find a suitable college to play sports in. Besides these opportunities, I sincerely want to thank Yannick who approached my wishes and questions personally and very fast!"


    Belmont University, NCAA D-I

    "A friend of mine recommended to use Smarthlete. It wasn’t until I got started with the recruiting process though, that I realized how complicated it actually is. Luckily this platform and the extremely helpful team have helped me a great deal fulfilling my dream. Thanks a lot for the support and help."


    Academy of Art University, NCAA D-II

    "At first I wasted a lot of time looking for contact addresses and descriptions of colleges on my own. Then I found College Pipe. College Pipe made it very easy to create a professional recruiting profile & get in touch with coaches. I’ve been in contact with coaches from 21 colleges before committing to one."


    ASA Miami, NJCAA

    "Smarthlete is a better way for players and coaches to connect. After creating your full resume, including pictures, videos and accomplishments, you will be able to view schools and their coaches and know when they view your profile. There is no other site out there making interaction so easy and transparent to both sides."



    "You guys go above and beyond to help us and your athletes. Thanks for everything!"

    Tarleton State

    NCAA I

    "I'm amazed by how quickly you respond. Thank you for all your help."

    N. Dakota State

    NCAA I

    "I love how I can use multiple filters to find just the guy I'm looking for. Your website is amazing and the best one out there."



    "I love how I can contact athletes of different placement services on your software. I hope every recruiting service joins one day, which would make my life so much easier."



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    The all-in-one recruiting solution for college coaches.

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    Reviewed by U.S. college coaches
    • 4.3/5.0

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    Companies across the U.S. and across the globe rely on us, our expertise, creativity, and commitment to deliver outstanding customer support and technical solutions.


    "The software improved our day-to-day life, because it makes it a lot easier to organize our task management with clients, saving us a lot of time. Time is money."


    "I really enjoy the fast response and customer service. No delays and great response time for any questions and issues."

    Jamming Sports
    Jamming Sports

    "We rely on the tools, especially when it comes to finding the best fit and program for the specific athlete, while at the same time communicating with coaches once they show interest in the athlete."

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